Monica Laura 's first real contact with the 'world behind the computer screen' happened ten years ago when, as a book author, journalist, editor and translator, she became interested in the creation and production of the 'electronic literature'. After she got a taste of it, she was persuaded to move forward and explore the perpetually expanding web universe. And this experience so far has been positive.
As a webmaster and web designer, she has happily accepted to work in a field where she can use computer data to tell stories, and she understands the value of creating quality content that converts. Ultimately, just like almost any other web worker, she has resignedly acknowledged her never-ending love/hate relationship with Google.


 I worked on several projects for years with Monica. We created and managed websites (SEO optimization, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, CMS) for many customers in Belgium, France, and Luxembourg. Monica is a very good webmaster, she also has extensive technical web skills and she is very customer oriented.
She has always respected all deadlines, and she also ensured perfect translations and technical manuals in English, French, and Romanian. 

A. Radulescu, Webmaster – European Comission

 Monica Laura created and managed my website, and the project was completed satisfactorily, and on-time. Monica is a reliable, analytical, communicative and honest person, a very good webmaster, web designer and web content manager. I am very happy with the results of her work.
She is patient, quality oriented and she has great creative skills. I would recommend her in any position related to website creation, management, and search engine optimization. 

Lenke Becker – writer

 Monica has shown exceptional service with the creation, design, and management of my website.  She maturely acknowledges all her work aspects,  and she has the ability to carry hard tasks.
As a webmaster and editor, Monica is highly concerned about quality, and she always takes time in handling the most complex requests.  She is able to write any type of content, including comprehensive, clear and structured technical manuals and SEO-oriented descriptions. Monica is a professional at what she does, with the absolute objective of recording success. 

S. Ronner – manager at Ronb Home Deco